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2-Month Journey Into Trading Mastery

Take part in a life-changing educational journey that covers all the fundamentals of trading, from basic principles to sophisticated strategies. The goal of this in-depth, two-month course is to give you the knowledge and abilities you need to successfully Grasp the core principles of market behaviour, from economic influences to chart patterns and indicators. Analyze data with precision and uncover hidden opportunities.

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Options Expert Course

Delve into the world of options trading with a comprehensive exploration of both option buying and selling strategies. Understand the nuances of each technique and learn how to leverage options for maximum gains.

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7 Days Stock Market Course

We are the first ones to offer a full course in minimal time so you can start trading and earning as soon as possible. We will be running only 1 batch at a time with a limited batch size so that we can give you our full focus and learning canbe more fun. Unlike traditional classes where you are taught theory first which you get to practice later on, we focus directly on the implementation of the theory you need the most. Training of the batch will be held every week during market hours, i.e. 9AM to 3:30PM. Every hour of the market has its own significance that we will teach you which you can put to practice accordingly, during that time period.

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Expand your trading universe beyond stocks. Demystify the world of options and futures, and unlock unique strategies for risk management and profit maximization.

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From Engineer to Successful Trader:

Daksh Jain’s Journey to Finding His True Calling

Daksh Jain is a successful stock trader and financial educator in India.

Daksh Jain's Road to Self-Discovery. Daksh Jain initially pursued a career in engineering with the intention of securing a good salary and societal respect. However, just two years into his computer science degree, he realized that the field was not fulfilling his desire for a meaningful and impactful career.

On the way to a dream- The story of a Successful Stock Market Trader Daksh jain

Today, let us talk about someone whose chosen path was different from the one he wanted and his journey to the right career path.






About me

A computer science engineer turned profitable trader—this is my story. In my 2nd year of engineering, I realized I had bigger dreams, to learn, to earn, to trade, to invest, and to teach. I started learning online about the nitty-gritty of the financial industry and trading while finishing my degree. When the lockdown was lifted, I started offline classes to learn more and trade better.

I have always been a quick learner, and with dedication and hard work, I am now a profitable trader! After all this knowledge and experience, I decided to share my knowledge with my students so that they can also find success in the world of finance.